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Version: 0.2.0



Welcome to the KubeSlice community. Join our community to learn, contribute, and get responses to your questions.

Explore ways to get involved below, and stay up-to-date with the latest announcements and events.

KubeSlice Discussions

You can communicate with the maintainers and the KubeSlice community using kubeslice discussions.

The KubeSlice discussions have a few categories and some of them are described in the following table.

Discussions about KubeSlice ControllerKubeSlice Controller
Discussions about KubeSlice Worker/Slice OperatorKubeSlice Worker/Slice Operator
General discussions about KubeSlice features, installation, and so on.General

Join KubeSlice on kubernetes Slack

just go to browse channel and search for kubeslice and join ! kubeslice

Join KubeSlice Google Groups

  • If you are a user join Kubeslice user's group here
  • If you are a developer join KubeSlice development discussions group here

We welcome your contributions to make KubeSlice better. We value everyone’s contribution.