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Version: 0.5.0

Release Notes for KubeSlice OSS 0.5.0

Release date: 29th December 2022

KubeSlice is a cloud-independent platform that combines network, application, Kubernetes, and deployment services in a framework to accelerate application deployment in a multi-cluster and multi-tenant environment. KubeSlice achieves this by creating logical application slice boundaries that enable seamless communication between pods and services across clusters, clouds, edges, and data centers.

We continue to add new features and enhancements to KubeSlice.

What's New

These release notes describe the new changes and enhancements in this version.

Network Service Mesh Upgrade

The Network Service Mesh (NSM) component has been upgraded to the stable GA version 1.5.0 that provides upstream networking fixes.

Latest Supported Kubernetes Version

The latest Kubernetes version that we support from this release is version 1.24.


  • When the namespace sameness is applied to a namespace on a slice, then it applies to all worker clusters that are part of the slice. If a worker cluster does not already have that namespace, it is now created. This ensures that all the worker clusters that are part of a slice will have that namespace for which the namespace sameness is applied. This created namespace remains on the worker cluster even after the worker cluster is detached from that slice, and even when that slice is deleted.

Known Issues

The known issues are as follows:

  • If the SPIRE server takes time to start up, the spire-server pod continues to restart, thus delaying the completion of cluster registration by 120 seconds. The worker cluster can only be added to a slice after this.

    Workaround: None

  • After a slice is created, the gateway connectivity takes approximately 120 seconds to establish a tunnel.

    Workaround: None

  • Istio version 1.13 is incompatible with Kubernetes version 1.24. It might cause issues with KubeSlice version 0.5.0, which now supports Kubernetes version 1.24. However, KubeSlice version 0.5.0 can be installed without Istio too.

    Workaround: In the following topics, you must skip the steps related to Istio: