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Version: 1.1.0

Slice Operations

The Slice Operations page serves as a comprehensive guide for performing various operations and tasks with Kubeslice. It covers a wide range of topics related to managing and manipulating Kubernetes slices using Kubeslice's powerful features and functionality. The page includes detailed instructions and examples for each submenu of Slice Operations, including Slice Creation, . By following the guidance provided in this section, users can effectively leverage Kubeslice to streamline their slice management processes. They will learn how to create slices. This knowledge will enable users to ensure efficient operations of their Kubernetes applications. Explore the Slice Operations page and its submenus to gain a deeper understanding of Kubeslice's capabilities and enhance your Kubernetes slice management skills.

📄️ Delete Slices

This topic provides a cohesive explanation of the steps required to remove a slice from a cluster configuration. To begin with, the namespaces associated with the slice need to be offboarded. The process of offboarding is simple and straightforward, and this topic provides the steps to do so before deleting the slice. However, if the application is installed on multiple clusters within a slice, it is important to note that the offboarding steps must be completed for each cluster.