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Version: 1.1.0

Configure Helm Repository

The KubeSlice repository serves as a centralized hub for accessing and distributing essential resources, including charts, templates, and configurations, specifically designed for the KubeSlice monitoring and observability solution in Kubernetes. By offering a curated collection of KubeSlice-specific charts, the repository simplifies the deployment and management process, allowing users to seamlessly set up and monitor their Kubernetes clusters. With comprehensive charts for monitoring, metrics, and alerting systems, the repository ensures efficient monitoring and observability while promoting versioning, distribution, and collaboration among users. Overall, the KubeSlice repository acts as a valuable resource, enabling users to effortlessly deploy and manage KubeSlice components, facilitating effective monitoring and observability within Kubernetes environments.

Add Repository

Add the helm repository information to your local system.

helm repo add kubeslice

Expected Output

"kubeslice" has been added to your repositories

Update Repository

Update the repositories on your system with the following command:

helm repo update

Expected Output

Hang tight while we grab the latest from your chart repositories...
...Successfully got an update from the "kubeslice" chart repository
Update Complete. ⎈Happy Helming!⎈

Verify Repository

To verify if the repository was added successfully, view the KubeSlice charts using the following command:

helm search repo kubeslice

Expected Output

kubeslice/botkube v1.0.0 v1.0.0 Controller for the Kubeslice Botkube Slack app ...
kubeslice/cert-manager v1.7.0 v1.7.0 A Helm chart for cert-manager
kubeslice/istio-base 1.16.0 1.16.0 Helm chart for deploying Istio cluster resource...
kubeslice/istio-discovery 1.16.0 1.16.0 Helm chart for istio control plane
kubeslice/kubeslice-controller 1.1.0 1.1.0 A Helm chart for kubeslice-controller
kubeslice/kubeslice-worker 1.1.0 1.1.0 A Helm chart for kubeslice-worker
kubeslice/prometheus 19.3.0 v2.41.0 Prometheus is a monitoring system and time seri...

You have successfully prepared your clusters to install the KubeSlice.