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Version: 1.1.0

Install KubeSlice

Kubeslice-cli is a command-line tool designed to simplify KubeSlice operations on Kubernetes and cloud clusters. With this tool, you can easily install the necessary workloads to run the KubeSlice Controller and Slice Operator on specific clusters. Additionally, it registers these clusters as part of a KubeSlice multi-cluster and manages slices across them.

To use the tool, you provide input in the form of YAML files. The topology YAML file describes the cluster membership in the multi-cluster.

Create Topology YAML file

To install KubeSlice, you need to create a topology configuration file that specifies the controller cluster and the worker cluster names. The file should include other relevant details as described in the sample configuration file provided below. This file is essential in setting up KubeSlice.

Custom chart values can be specified in the topology configuration. For example, you can add values:metrics.insecure=true under configuration.helm_chart_configuration.worker_chart for worker charts.

chart_name: kubeslice-worker
"metrics.insecure": "true"
"some.other.key": "value"

Sample Topology Configuration File

The following a minimal configuration file to install KubeSlice Enterprise on cloud clusters:

Create the topology configuration file using the following template:

kube_config_path: <path to kubeconfig file>
name: <cluster name acting as controller>
context_name: <controller cluster context name>
- name: <cluster name>
context_name: <cluster context name>
- name: <cluster name>
context_name: <cluster context name>
project_name: <create project name>
repo_alias: kubeslice
chart_name: cert-manager
chart_name: kubeslice-controller
chart_name: kubeslice-worker

Custom chart values can be specified in the topology configuration. See Topology Configuration Parameters.

Apply the Topology Configuration YAML

To install KubeSlice using the topology YAML file, use the following command:

kubeslice-cli --config <path-to-the-topology.yaml> install

You have successfully installed KubeSlice.