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Version: 1.3.0

Command Line Tools

This section of the documentation aims to meet the requirements for product installations by providing information about the necessary prerequisites for installing KubeSlice. It is essential to have a well-configured environment that fulfills the installation requirements for KubeSlice. This involves the installation of the KubeSlice Controller and registering clusters with it. This topic will explain the prerequisites in detail to help you successfully install KubeSlice.

Required Tools

To make the installation process of KubeSlice smoother and more accessible, we have listed the required command line tools below. With these tools readily available, you can easily install KubeSlice and start benefiting from its features.

Package RequiredInstallation Instructions
Helm - The Package Manager for KubernetesInstalling Helm
kubectl - Kubernetes CLIInstalling kubectl
kubectx and kubens - Cluster Context Switching & Namespace AssignmentsInstalling kubectx & kubens
kubeslice-cli - KubeSlice Installer BinariesInstalling kubeslice-cli