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Version: 1.3.0

High-Level Architecture


KubeSlice provides network services to applications that need secure and highly available connectivity between multiple clusters. KubeSlice creates a flat overlay network to connect the clusters. The overlay network can be described as an application slice that provides a slice of connectivity between the pods of an application running in multiple clusters. It can also be described as an application-specific VPC that spans across clusters. Pods can connect to the slice overlay network and communicate with each other seamlessly across cluster boundaries.

The connections between the clusters are secured by creating encrypted VPN tunnels that provide a safe passage to inter-cluster traffic.

KubeSlice can also be used to enable service discovery and reachability across clusters. A Kubernetes service running in a cluster can be exported over the slice overlay network so that it is discovered and reached by pods running in other clusters.

The KubeSlice architecture consists of several components that interact with each other to manage the lifecycle of the slice overlay network. The diagram below shows the primary components of KubeSlice and the connections between them. alt

The controller cluster contains the KubeSlice Controller that manages user configuration and orchestrates the creation of the slice overlay network between multiple worker clusters. It defines and owns a number of CRDs that are used to store configuration and operational information in the cluster. The CRDs are also used in the interaction between the controller cluster and the worker clusters. The worker clusters connect to the Kubernetes API server of the controller cluster to fetch configuration that is stored in the custom resource objects.

The principal component of the worker clusters is the Slice Operator. It interacts with the controller cluster and sets up the needed infra for the slice overlay network on the worker cluster. The worker clusters also contain a DNS server called KubeSlice DNS that is used in inter-cluster service discovery. Users can also create slices with ingress and egress gateways for East-West (E-W) traffic. The Slice Operator provisions the gateways and setup routing rules to funnel traffic between the application pods and the gateway pods.