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Version: 1.3.0

Release Notes for KubeSlice OSS 1.1.0

Release date: 28th July 2023

KubeSlice is a cloud-independent platform that combines network, application, Kubernetes, and deployment services in a framework to accelerate application deployment in a multi-cluster and multi-tenant environment. KubeSlice achieves this by creating logical application slice boundaries that enable seamless communication between pods and services across clusters, clouds, edges, and data centers.

We continue to add new features and enhancements to KubeSlice.

What's New

These release notes describe the new changes and enhancements in this version.

New features

Slice VPN Key rotation

The slice VPN Gateway is an essential component of the slice network service, allowing the slice to connect to secure VPN networks. By default, any new slice created using the KubeSlice Manager or the YAML file will have a duration of 30 days to renew the SliceGateway certificates. You can customize the rotation interval when creating a slice by setting the rotationInterval parameter in the slice configuration YAML file. This interval range is 30 to 90 days.

Additionally, if you need to update the rotation interval at any time, you can modify the rotationInterval parameter in the slice configuration file. This flexibility allows you to align the certificate renewal process with your specific security requirements. Moreover, if you want to initiate the certificate renewal process immediately, you can use the renewBefore option. This option allows you to trigger the certificate renewal process before the expiration of the rotation interval. By specifying an appropriate value for renewBefore parameter in the YAML file, you can ensure that the certificate renewal process starts promptly, helping to maintain the security and compliance of your system.

The VPN cipher can be configured during slice creation using the cipher parameter in the slice configuration YAML file. The cipher value can be set to AES_128_CBC. The default value is AES_256_CBC. This configuration is immutable during the lifetime of a slice.

Issues Fixed

Added a security context at the container level to the NSM init container to enable it to modify the resolv.conf file when there is a security context at the pod level that is too restrictive.

Known Issues

  • Users can trigger VPN Key Rotation with the RenewBefore parameter even before the slice gateways are up and running. This premature rotation attempt often results in failures during the rotation process. Please refrain from triggering VPN Key rotation before the gateways are in a healthy condition to ensure a successful rotation process.
  • After detaching a worker cluster from a slice, gateway pods are not deleted.
  • In the current version, the rebalancing feature of gateway redundancy is disabled.
  • We have identified a scenario where, during a Helm upgrade on Kubeslice Worker, the NSM (Network Service Mesh) admission webhook pod might not be automatically cleaned up in case of a failure. As a result, there could be potential issues with the old NSM webhook pod lingering from the previous release. So users are advised to manually delete the old NSM webhook pod until the issue is resolved.